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4 Chickens and Farm Life

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Perfect for primary grades and cross-age teaching!
The 47-pages of activities for FIVE FARM BOOKS include The Chicken-Chasing Queen of Lamar County by Janice N. Harrington, Souperchicken by Mary Jane Auch, Chickens to the Rescue, The Rowdy Rooster, and Farm Life bring fun and exciting activities to your farm unit.  The chicken units include readers' theater scripts, discussion cards, crossword puzzles, multiple-choice comprehension activity, alphabetical order, poem, figurative language, CH is for Chicken, Eggs Count math, art and writing, Leadership and Courage, mapping, making good decisions, It's About Time Song, Rhyming Rooster Chicken Dance, and much more.

The Farm Life activities are adaptable to most every farm book.  The activities include:

  • Organization of a non-fiction book
  • Crossing the Farm (crossword puzzle)
  • Growing a Story (comprehension with word web)
  • What's the Difference (visual clues)
  • What's the Difference (your turn to draw)
  • Catch the Right Spelling of Farm Words
  • Make a Farm Geography Center
  • Counting on the Farm (charting)
  • Field Trip on the Farm
  • Fun on Farm Day in the Classroom
  • Letter to Parents
  • Living or Non-living?
  • Follow Direction: Color the Chickens
  • Follow Directions:  Design and Color a Barn
  • Seasons on the Farm


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