Alphabetical Poetry
by Suzy Red
Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving!

Aromatic, annual, American Thanksgiving!

Beautiful, bold , boisterous Thanksgiving!

Caring, cheerful, cramped Thanksgiving!

Delicious, dynamic, devine Thanksgiving!


Grateful, gigantic, gobbley, Thanksgiving!


Tantalizing, tremendous, terrific Thanksgiving!
What are you studying?  You and your friends can make a class alphabet poem out of it by using great adjectives!  Here's how:
1.  Decide on your topic noun, like "Thanksgiving" or "Cells" or "Addition."

2.  Each student chooses a letter of the alphabet.

3.  Start your poem by repeating your topic three times.

4.  Use a thesaurus or dictionary to help you find three adjectives starting with the same letter that describe your topic.

5.  Write your three adjectives in front of your topic noun.

6.  Read your poem aloud:  The person with letter "A" says the topic noun three times and then the "A" part.  "B" follows, next "C," and so on.  As you read, make and take suggestions for improving each line.

7.  Write your class poem by having each person write and illustrate his or her letter line on one page.  Put the pages in order.

8.  Publish and share!

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