From Heart of the Hero, the Kids' Wings 1998-99 Bluebonnet Guide:

Snakes Alive 

After reading Verdi by Janell Cannon, Joseph, Amy, Katherine, and Dustin were interested in becoming herpetologists, or scientists who study snakes.  Each one chose a different snake to research and planned to present a creative project for parents' night.  One chose to weave his facts into a poem and illustration.  Another created an informative model to go with a television news report about a snake.  One chose to create a decorative mobile to hang in the class, and the other wrote and illustrated a picture book about a snake.  The project featuring the coral snake proved to be the parents' favorite.
Use the information above and the following clues to discover which snake and which project each student chose.


1.  The student who learned abou the boa constrictor did not write a picture book.
2.  Joseph and Katherine preferred to do projects that included three-dimensional art.
3.  Neither Amy nor Dustin chose to research and report on garter snakes, but the mobile on that snake proved to be one of the parents' favorite projects.
4.  Either Amy or Katherine created a model and television news report about a boa constrictor.
5.  The person who did the picture book was first to present her porject on rattlesnakes.

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